Every commission is a one-of-a-kind personalised creation requiring a different amount of time to complete.


Please contact me to discuss what you have in mind for your drawing. I will give you a quote based on your particular request, your photos, and the complexity of your project. You can also find a good guide to costs on the Pricing page of the site.


Drawing commissions may be charcoal or soft pastel dependant on what is required, and will include a custom mount ready to be framed by yourself.


Alternatively, custom frames can also be provided at an additional charge.


Emailing photos is generally the easiest way to provide the reference image, but if you require new photos and plan to be in the area we can arrage this by appointment. It is vital that quality digital photographs are used, I can only create a picture that is as detailed as the photograph I am given. The image is enlarged in order for me to draw on a bigger scale so tips to remember are that if you cant zoom in without loosing focus then neither can I and the photography will work best in natural daylight, with the subject bieng still. 

Having said that, perfect conditions are not always available and digital cameras have not been around forever so If its no longer possible to take new photographs of a loved one and you have printed photographs to work from, I will do my best to accept the challenge if I believe I can do your portrait justice with the photos available.


Additional hand-signed prints can also be ordered for your loved ones on request if I am notified before a portrait is framed. 


Artist Location:

Mandy Allan

Lake District

Cumbria, England

United Kingdom

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